Different Breeds of Pet Rats: Colors, Coats, and Markings (with Photos)

Unlike cats and dogs, rats do not have distinct breeds.

However, there is a wide variety of rat types in terms of fur color, eye color, markings, ear shapes, and fur texture.

Everyone can find their perfect pet rat among these unique characteristics.

Deux rats tenus dans des mains

The Main Breeds of Pet Rats

Rat standard beige

Standard Rat: The Ideal Choice for Beginners

The standard rat, the most common pet rat, features ears positioned high on the head and a smooth, short coat.

Highly sociable and gentle, they are perfect for families and first-time rat owners.

Rat dumbo beige

Dumbo Rat: The Adorable Companion

With their large, rounded ears set on the sides of their heads, Dumbo rats are absolutely charming and very popular.

Their gentleness and calmness make them ideal pets for children and those new to rat ownership.

Rat nu

Hairless Rat: The Delicate Cuddler

Hairless rats, devoid of fur, exhibit a smooth skin and require special care, such as regular baths and monitoring of their temperature.

Their personality, while geared towards seeking warmth (and therefore cuddles!), is similar to that of standard rats.

Rex Rat (or Curly Rat): The Intriguing Curly

Rex rats stand out with their curly and soft fur, giving them an irresistibly ruffled appearance.

Curious and affectionate, they are, however, a bit more independent than other rat breeds.

Rat albinos

Albino Rat: A Sensitive Creature

This rat is characterized by a complete lack of pigmentation, resulting in a white appearance of its skin and fur, and red eyes. Due to the absence of protective pigments in their eyes, albino rats can be light-sensitive and may appear clumsy.

Rat siamois

Siamese Rat: The Elegant Pet

Siamese rats have a distinctive coat reminiscent of Siamese cats, featuring a light body with darker extremities, known as "points".

Their coloration can vary depending on the temperature, with colder conditions producing darker points.


Other Varieties: A World to Explore

Other less common rat breeds, such as the Manx (tailless 😢), the Harley (long-haired), the Satin (shiny coat), the Bristle coat (bristly fur), the Velveteen (curly fur but shorter than the Rex), the Marten (lighter fur color around the eyes, nose, ears, and tail), etc., exhibit unique physical and behavioral characteristics.

Physical Characteristics of Pet Rats

Size and Weight

The size and weight of pet rats can slightly vary, but they often range between 20 and 25 cm in length for the body, and 15 to 20 cm for the tail.

Male rats tend to be more robust than females, with weight differences of about 100 grams.


Variety of Colors and Markings

Pet rats are bursting with charm, showcasing a plethora of colors and markings!

From black to white, through beige and agouti, with patterns like hooded, berkshire, and blazed, you're spoilt for choice!


Fur and Texture

The fur of a domestic rat can vary depending on the breed.

Standard rats have a short and smooth coat, while rex rats are known for their curly and soft fur.


The density of the fur and its softness can vary from one rat to another!


Double-rex rats, on the other hand, have an even more curly and thick fur at birth, which they lose as they grow, leaving parts of their coat completely bare.

Finally, hairless rats, as their name suggests, have no fur and possess a smooth and delicate skin.


Rat fléché

Choosing the Right Type of Pet Rat for Your Needs

How to Choose Your First Pet Rat?

Opting for an easy-to-care-for breed like the standard rat or the dumbo rat allows beginners to enter the world of pet rats without any worries.

Their care is relatively straightforward, making it easier to get familiar with pet rats without much hassle.


Which Pet Rats are Suitable for Children?

For a family with children, gentle and affectionate breeds like the dumbo rat are ideal.


Remember, no matter the type of rat chosen, it's important to supervise interactions between children and rats to ensure everyone's safety.


The Best Rats for Breeding Enthusiasts

Lastly, for those enthusiasts of pet rats looking to venture into breeding and raising, breeds like the rex rat, hairless rats, or other less common varieties can be fascinating to explore.


Choosing from the varieties of pet rats is an exciting decision.

Each type of rat has its own unique traits that will guide your choice based on your desires, preferences, and needs!


Don't hesitate to get informed to find the companion that best matches your expectations and ensures a harmonious cohabitation.


Ultimately, while rationality and information are essential in this decision, it can be equally important to let yourself be guided by your heart.

Observe the rats available for adoption carefully and feel free to choose the one that instinctively appeals to you.

After all, adopting a pet is, above all, a matter of the heart!